Best way to create meeting minutes in 2021

Have you ever forgot what was discussed in the last meeting? Or hate creating meeting minutes?

If you answer is yes then, read the blog completely to get best way to create minutes of meeting.

Best way to create meeting minutes
Best way to create meeting minutes

Minutes of the meeting keep a record of all that was discussed and done at the meeting, including any decision made or action taken. It is very important that these minutes are accurate, so that everyone knows what’s concluded and what needs to be achieved by what date.

To help you get effective meeting minutes, we have to first understand what is meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes are quick indicators of ideas, objectives, deadlines, data, etc. that is covered in your meeting.

Meetings are very important part of any company’s workflow. Meeting minutes help us to discuss internal problems, ideas, discuss opportunities and objectives, to decide future plans.

But, when meetings are held without purpose or intent in mind, it ends up with no conclusion.

In fact, research shows that about 49% of employees think that meetings are waste of their time at work. It all goes in vain if not documented properly. That’s why the meeting minutes come in.

Meeting minutes helps to keep everyone on the same page and what happened in last meeting and where to go next.

Challenges while creating meeting minutes
Challenges while creating meeting minutes

Here are few major challenges that everyone faces while creating meeting minutes.

  1. Hate taking meeting minutes: – Many of us hate taking down notes while meeting.
  2. Lack of interest: – Sometimes meeting is very lengthy that result in lack of interest in meeting. It leads to miss important key aspects of meeting.
  3. Not focused: – There are several factors to which you can loose focus in meeting and it result in missing the agenda of meeting.
  4. Sudden meetings: – Sometimes participants are not clear about the meeting agenda.

It is not easy to lead a successful meeting. Successful meeting can only be possible if it begins with clear thinking and purpose of meeting.

We all need to be very clear, focused and attentive during meeting to take down meting minutes.

But at the end we all are human beings and there’s the possibility we may not be focused or attentive due to any reason in that case meeting minutes tools are great help.

Meeting minutes tool plays an important role to get minutes of meeting accurately.

Important key points to take meeting minutes

  • Active listening: -Listen carefully to the conversation.
  • Shorthand: -Don’t try to write it all down.
  • Clear Agenda: -Focus on writing down what has been decided and who is responsible for it.
  • Write down your meeting minutes notes as soon as possible after the meeting or during meeting.
  • Clear doubts: -If you get any doubt about idea, discussion etc. do clear it at the same time.

To help you all in taking good meeting minutes InstaMinutes has great role. With Instaminutes, you get automated meeting minutes.

Instaminutes provide quick and accurate meeting minutes by increasing 30% of productivity.

Remote or in person, English or hindi, instaminutes automatically prepare the minutes of meeting.

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Now there’s no requirement to prepare meeting minutes on hard sheet of paper, Instaminutes automatically do it for you and shares to all active participants.

You can easily manage all your meetings at one place.

Cherry on the cake is, you can easily integrate instaminutes with any meeting tools like googlemeet, zoom, webex, calendarly etc.

Instaminutes automates your meeting minutes and transcripts your meeting in documented format. Hence you get each important aspects of meeting and even you can refer any it anytime when required to clear your doubts.

Final words,

The challenges we face in taking minutes of meeting can sometimes seem insuperable, but there is always a solution and a way forward.

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