How to make best of minutes of meeting?

Minutes of meetings means that important details, decisions and assignments are in written format with accuracy. Meeting minutes provide ideas to future meetings as well as details of past meetings. Written meeting minutes can help to prevent misunderstandings. It’s a good way that helps people to review the meeting minutes for better understanding about what happened in the meeting.

It is very important to keep minutes of meeting very clear and to the point so that it can provide clear detail if referred to clear the doubts that may arise later. Short and concise minutes can help you to solve problems that people can forget after meeting.

4 Tips to take minutes of meeting:

  1. Voice recorder

Any voice recorder can guarantee accuracy of meeting minutes but do not rely solely on it. The best thing is to record a meeting and take notes as well. There is the possibility that sometimes the voice recorder does not work properly, or it may not capture all the conversations clearly.

  • Preparation before meeting:

Check the tools needed for capturing the meeting minute, but make sure the tools do not restrict the meeting. Having devices that take several meeting minutes will enable you as a backup in case your primary device fails.

  • Devices like laptop or mobile or tablet

If you can type fast, you will find it easier to use a laptop or mobile or tablet than using a pen and paper. Don’t worry about spelling and punctuation as you type; you can edit all that information after the meeting.

  • Pen and paper

Bring at least a paper and at least two pens and pencils. There is the possibility that the battery in your laptop computer may go down, and you may not be near the power outlet, so it is best to have some note-taking system in place.

How to take Minutes of meeting

  • In Meeting

Always ask for any changes in last meeting minutes. Be aware of any changes made in those minutes of meeting.

  • Check Accuracy

During the meeting, ask attendees to repeat anything you do not understand and explain anything you do not understand.

Note each discussion and decision in sequence. If possible, ask the meeting host to provide a brief summary of the conclusion of each item on the agenda to clarify the issues.

  • Do Not interrupt Conversations

You can do much good by taking minutes of meeting by participating actively in the meetings. It’s hard to focus on taking active minutes while talking about various problems as well.

  • Agenda

If possible, get details about the meeting a few days or hours before the meeting. Request a copy of the agenda and a list of attendees who are expected to attend the meeting.

If there is going to be discussion on topics that you are unfamiliar, try to read about them before the meeting. Because it is easier to take notes when you understand the topics.

  • Create a template

Make a pre-meeting template where you will take minutes of meeting. The template should include the date of the meeting, the location, the time, the purpose, the title, the names of the attendees and the titles and other relevant details that can be known before the meeting.

  • Draft the style for minutes

You may draft your own style to take minutes using instead of the template. That way, write down each item on the purpose. Under each heading, summarize the information presented, the decisions made and the results of any votes cast.

  • Punctual

Be punctual to make sure you are ready to take the minutes when the meeting begins. Find an electrical outlet if you need electricity for your laptop or voice recorder, and organize your stuff.

  • After the Meeting

If there are any doubts or questions, talk to the host immediately after the meeting to clarify anything you are not sure about.

Review your notes directly after the meeting while keeping your mind fresh. Correct any errors you may find, and add if necessary.

Arrange your minutes of the meeting in the correct order in a notebook or binder so that others can easily review them when necessary.

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If you need any clarification about a discussion or suggestion, don’t be afraid to interrupt and ask for an explanation. However, when you can’t interrupt the meeting, make a note of that point on your page to remind you to ask the leader about the matter after the meeting.

However, several minutes of meeting tools are proliferating. It can be quite tedious to use and check each tool.

Automated meeting minutes

InstaMinutes is the first automated transcript tool that not only converts the meeting in text but summarizes the key points of the meeting. InstaMinutes offer following:

  1. Compatible to all meeting apps like zoom, meet etc.
  2. Automatically descripts the voice meeting to text.
  3. Summarizes the meeting key points.
  4. Automatically sends the minutes of meeting to attendees of meeting.
  5. Facility to review, edit the minutes generated.
  6. Share minutes of meeting to anyone even if they haven’t joined meeting.

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